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Private Family Wealth Office & Wealth Management Services

Our high-net-worth clients have access to what is referred to as a Private Family Wealth Office. TFRG delivers a high-touch, and truly comprehensive approach to assisting you in managing not only your family’s wealth but also the numerous relationships that touch upon your “financial life” including your CPA, attorney, bankers, managers, agents, etc.

In today’s world, obtaining investment and other information is easy.  However, choosing the investments and insurance coverages that are right for you and your specific situation is much more difficult.  Why?  It takes more than access to information to make “informed” decisions.  At TFRG we specialize in identifying and resolving complex estate, business transfer, and risk mitigation issues as well as retirement and investment problems.  Specifically, we have the experience and insight to look at all areas of your financial life and pull them together in a cross-disciplinary manner with the goal of meeting your financial security and asset preservation needs and objectives.  Read More

Retirement Plan Services

Today’s Retirement Plan Fiduciaries want less, not more.  Specifically, they want less demands upon their time, less day-to-day responsibility for managing their plan and less personal risk for being involved.  Whether you’re a fiduciary managing your company’s defined benefit plan, cash balance plan or its defined contribution/401(k) plan; we can help you alleviate the unnecessary fiduciary risks (i.e. your personal liability to the plan), reduce the amount of time spent by you managing your plan as well as potentially significantly reducing the investment management fees paid by your plan.  Read More

Wealth Management SOS™

TFRG’s Wealth Management SOS™ (“Second Opinion Service”) will provide you with a written evaluation of your living trust documents, most recent tax returns, insurance coverages and your investments.  The money that TFRG’s Wealth Management SOS™ could potentially save you in unnecessary taxes, lower insurance premiums and/or lower investment fees could be saved and invested; or spent, thereby increasing your standard of living. 

Even small mistakes, simple oversights and/or a few missed opportunities can compound over time thereby costing you and your family thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars.  After the Wealth Management SOS™ review is completed and delivered, there is no obligation to utilize our services in order to implement the findings.  No matter how confident you are about your current financial situation... a second opinion can help make sure you and your family are on the right path.  Schedule Appointment